Tr0ll: 1 Walkthrough


According to VM’s description, we have to get root and read /root/Proof.txt file.

This VM can be found here.

  1. First thing after running VM was to get its IP address. I used nmap to examine my local network. I found IP and information that it runs FTP, SSH and HTTP services.

  2. I started with HTTP but I found nothing more than irritating images. Then I moved to FTP what gave me a file with captured network packets.

  3. I ran Wireshark and loaded this file. While I was analyzing packets, one of them caught my attention. I didn’t want to believe that it was another worthless step so I tried to retrieve some information from it. Phrase “sup3rs3cr3tdirlol” appeared to be a directory name, accessible through HTTP and with a single file inside.

  4. This single file called “roflmao” was binary. Firstly, I tried to analyze what this binary does. I didn’t find anything in its instructions, but one string seemed to be intereseting.

  5. I continued analyzing but there was nothing at address 0x0856BF. It blocked me for a long time and then I thought that maybe I should check outside the binary. This address appeared to be valid, but in the browser and finally it gave me an access to another directory. I found potential username and passwords there.

  6. Hint about username was false unlike the hint about password, which was too literal to take it seriously. It took me some time but finally I found correct combination.

  7. I logged in through SSH but still I had to get root. I used OS version from welcome screen to find exploit It worked without any problems and I got root in just a moment.

After I finished, I checked another solutions and found more sophisticated way to get root